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A Deeper Exploration of Shared Services in Latin America

Take a look at this exclusive infographic for a complete round-up of Auxis' 2016 Latin America Shared Services Survey results, including perspectives from over 30 SSCs across Latin America.

Global State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry Survey Report And Analysis

Key findings on what’s driving “radical performance” in 2016. With much of the discussion around Shared Services evolution hinging on new opportunities that have presented themselves in recent history, SSON asks practitioners how they are positioning themselves to become more relevant and offer better service in the coming years.

Evolution of Latin America Shared Service Center

Take a look at the latest research from SSON’s global analytics center, Dart Institute, as they present 14 pages of interactive data analytics to help you understand the shape of the LATAM service delivery landscape and compare how LATAM stacks up against other regions.

SSON’s Annual State of the Shared Services Industry Report

With much of the discussion around Shared Services evolution hinging on new opportunities that have presented themselves in recent history, SSON recently canvassed its members to find out how they were positioning themselves to become more relevant and offer better service in the coming years.

In this exclusive 40 page report we are pleased to share with you an overview of how North American based Shared Services have responded to our questions.

Evaluating SSC Locations in Latin America

In this brand new interactive report from SSON Analytics, find out which industry sectors dominate the Latam shared services landscape and a breakdown of other emerging functions. Also inside you'll find a detailed section containing the level of natural disaster risk in the top 10 SSC cities in Latam!

Reports & Studies

What if the World Was Just 100 SSC's?

What if the world was just a village of 100 Shared Services Centers? Check out this amazing video put together by SSON that will breakdown global shared services statistics into something much more creative and consumable. Email to request a copy directly to your inbox. 

RPA Enables 100% Process Efficiency and 45% Cost Reduction in AP for Global Plastic Manufacturer

Compiled by Auxis, check out this case study that dives deep into the use of robotic process automation for a global plastic manufacturer. Learn about their solution to their shared services issue.

Robots in Your Back Office?

In this excellent report put together by Auxis, you’ll find all the necessary information about how RPA applies to shared services and human resources. Learn about the cost, speed, analytics, control and scalability needed to make RPA a success in your company.


Why Latin American Order-to-Cash Operations Are Ripe for Shared Services

Latin America is an emerging market for BPO & Shared Services; as a result, we expect the Order-to-Cash process to come under greater scrutiny in the immediate future. This article compares global OTC processes with what exists in Latin America today, based on the author's experience of working with these markets.

Sourcing Superstar Series: SMEs a Growth Opportunity for Tom Dobis, HP Enterprise Services

HP Enterprise Services' Tom Dobis talks about global BPO trends, the growing importance of the mid-market and this sector's desire for a "Mercedes experience at Chevy prices" as well as the fast-moving, fast-expanding practice for business analytics.


Challenges and Solutions in Complex LatAm Markets

Jenn Moline, Director of International Accounting and Finance at Verizon, and speaker at the approaching summit, discusses outsourcing to and from Latin America, the regional differences in workplace culture, and the challenges she meets on the finance and administrative side of the SSC.

Culture Shock: What the Latin American Cultural Landscape means for your Shared Services Center

Matthew Noe, Latin America Regional Shared Services Manager at Caterpillar - Panama, and speaker at the approaching summit, cut his location's attrition rates from 25% down to single digits, cut call times from 45 minutes on hold to a few seconds, and achieved the distinction of a Great Place to Work. Find out how he overhauled his center's culture to accomplish these achievements.

2017 Speaker Perspectives: Monsanto and Pepsico

Ahead of the 2017 Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latin America, we sat with a couple of our speakers to learn more about where they are on their SSO journey and what advice they have for those just starting out.

Reports & Studies

Business-to-Government Financial Regulations Intensify Tax Risks

The fact is that, with Governments increasingly pushing new transparency initiatives, the constant changes to invoicing and tax policies across Latin America are putting companies at financial risk.

Download this whitepaper to find out how to mitigate against this risk through process automation and real-time reporting.

2015 State of the Shared Services Industry Report

The 2015 State of the Shared Services Industry report provides an insightful look at how shared services operations around the world are reacting to challenges - namely process optimization, digital transformation,data analytics, automation & new and evolving skill sets - and the opportunities presented by these trends. We've canvassed our global SSON practitioner community and documented responses from 450 Global and Regional Directors and Leads of Shared Services, Finance, HR and GBS for insight into their own practices.

How Ready are Latin American Shared Services for the 5 Mega Trends Disrupting Service Delivery?

SSON's 2015 State of the Shared Services Industry Report is expanded greatly to include a direct focus on the Latin American region. We have extrapolated detailed and actionable trends from our surveys of regional industry professionals, regarding topics such as performance optimization, data analytics, customer service, and more!


Speaker Interview: Lina Palacios - Part 1

Lina Maria Palacios, Manager of Finance, SSC, Latin America Performance at Teva Pharmaceuticals, and speaker at the approaching Summit, discusses tips and strategies for emerging companies regarding outsourcing, and opening single versus multi-function centers.

Speaker Interview: Lina Palacios - Part 2

We continued our interview with Lina Maria Palacios, Manager of Finance, SSC, Latin America Performance at Teva Pharmaceuticals, and speaker at the approaching Summit. In Part 2 she goes into common financial stumbling blocks and how to avoid them, standardizing processes across regions, and the key points to consider when organizing an SSC.


Mercadolibre Answers the Question: Why Shared Services in LatAm?

Mercadolibre's Country Manager in Uruguay Karen Bruck, shares the company's KPIs for the center, its regionally-focused metrics, and the five reasons it decided to land in Uruguay -- 1.) Geographical closeness to HQ 2.) Reliability 3.) Tax Advantages 4.) Talent and 5.) Technology and infrastructure.

Potenciando un SSC

A presentation by Carlos Longo Alberto. 

Captivating our Customers through Continuous Improvement

Andrea Mena Sudasassi, Service Delivery Senior Manager at Coca-Cola, describes the company's dashboard evolution path, defect and project management processes, governance and talent development models, and much more in this past presentation.

Critical Aspects for Deciding by Outsourcing

Arnaldo DiPetta, LATAM FSSC Sr. Manager at AVON, and past speaker at our event, discusses challenges in the Latin American market, priorities and best practices in outsourcing, and increasing & outsourcing added value in this informative past presentation. 

Como Definir La Herramienta Tecnologica Para Automatizar Todo El CSC

Ana Maria Gomez Sarmiento, Profesional en Finanzas y Relaciones Internacionales Especializacion en Evaluacion y Desarrollo de Proyectos at Grupo Thomas Greg & Sons, and past speaker at our summit, goes into software implementation, process standardization, and escogenica del software in this Spanish-language past presentation.

ALCOA Global Profile

Carlos-Antonio Bonazzi, GBS ABS - Global Services & Compliance at ALCOA America Latina & Caribe, and past speaker at our summit, gives a Global Business Services overview, explores ALCOA's Services Portfolio and Management Model, and talks about people, customer, and growth strategies in this thorough past presentation. 

You've Opened a SS Center ... Now What?

Celia Ortiz outlines what an SSC can do for Latin America's changing economy as it faces political uncertainty. Her five points include: 1.) Optimization of processes 2.) Cost reduction 3.) Centralization of processes 4.) Tax planning and 5.) Automization. 

Identify Opportunities for Improvement and Standardization

Federico Demarin, Regional Human Resources Director, Swarovski Latin America, impresses the importance of the customer in building and developing a SSC. Ask yourself, "Is the Voice of the Customer reaching your HR services strategy?" It needs to be, he says.